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Rizhao is located in the southeast part of ShandongProvince, facing the Yellow Sea in the east. Rizhao has a coastline of 168.5 kilometers, a land area of 5,359 square kilometers and sea area of 6,000 square kilometers. It has Donggang District, Lanshan District, Ju County, Wulian County, national-level Rizhao Economic-Technological Development Area, provincial-level High and New Technological Development Area and provincial-level Shanhaitian Tourism and Vacation Area under its jurisdiction. There are 55 townships and 1,730 villages in Rizhao with a population of three million.



Time-honored history and profound culture. Rizhao belonged to Dongyi in the Xia and Shang Dynasty and belonged to Ju State in the Zhou and Han Dynasty. It is the cradle for Longshan Culture and one of the five Sun culture origins in the world. There are over 100 sites of Longshan Culture in Rizhao such as Dantu Site and Yaowangcheng Site. The character engraved on the black pottery unearthed from Lingyanghe Site of Ju County was more the 1000 years earlier than oracles, proved as the origin of Chinese characters. Ju Culture, Qi Culture and Lu Culture are acknowledged as Three Major Cultures of Shandong. The story of “Don’t forget times in Ju (Don’t forget national humiliation in time of peace and security)” goes back to ancient times. Rizhao is cradle for China’s black pottery culture. The eggshell black pottery unearthed here is known as “the most exquisite representative of earth civilization four thousand years ago”. Rizhao is also a cradle for a lot of celebrities, such as Jiangshang, a famous militarist and statesman of West Zhou Dynasty, Liu Xie, an outstanding literary critic of the South and North Dynasty, Dr. Samuel C.C Ting, contemporary physicist and Nobel Prize laureate, Wang Jinmei, representative of the 1st CPC National Congress, and Song Ping, former standing member of Political Bureau of CPC Central Committee.




Pleasant climate and excellent ecology. Rizhao is located at the geographical boundary between the south and the north of China. It enjoys a typical humid monsoon continental climate of warm temperature zone with annual average temperature of 13 degrees Celsius, 756 mm of rainfall, 2,349.8 hours of sunshine and frost-free period of 206 days. There is neither server cold in winter nor scorching hot in summer. Bestowed with fresh air and plentiful sunshine, Rizhao is praised as the north of the South and the south of the North in China. As the most livable habitat for human in the world, it was awarded the UN Habitat Scroll of Honor in 2009. Rizhao is also honored as NationalModelCity for Environment Protection, NationalGreenModelCity and First Batch of National Oceanic Ecological Demonstration Area.


Diversified products and abundant resources. Rizhao is a major production base for marine fishery, grain and livestock products in Shandong, and 24 specialties have been awarded as National Geographic Trademark. Characteristic marine products include Xishi Tongue clam, sea cicada crab, razor clam, oriental prawn, squid and peeled and dried shrimp. In the 1960s, when national agricultural model worker of RizhaoCounty went to Beijing for the meeting, he presented Xishi Tongue clam to President Mao Zedong on behalf of Rizhao people. Characteristic agricultural products include green tea, silkworm, blueberry, chestnut and cherry. Tea farm area covers an area of 250 thousand mu (about 16.7 thousand hectares) and yields 15 thousand tons of tea, which takes up 60% and 75% respectively of ShandongProvince. Rizhao green tea is known as the best green tea in Northern China. Mulberry fields cover 73 thousand mu (about 4.87 thousand hectares) and output of silkworm cocoon reaches 3.6 million kilograms. The output, quality and export volume of silk ranks the 1st in China. Blueberry fields cover 56.3 thousand mu (about 3.75 thousand hectares) and production volume ranks the 2nd in Shandong; chestnut fields cover 240 thousand mu (about 16 thousand hectares) and its production volume ranks the 3rd in Shandong.   



Beautiful sceneries and unique landscapes. Rizhao is an important part of the “wonderland coast” tourist belt in Shandong. It is famous for its blue sky, blue sea and gold sand beach, and 64 kilometers of quality beach stretching along the coast. The Olympic Water Park in Rizhao can hold all the water sport items. Joyous Fishman’s House, themed as fishing culture experience, is of unique characteristic and becomes the largest folk tourist resort in China. Besides sea sceneries, Rizhao also has the “No.1 Gingko Tree in the world” of over 4,000 years old, Wulian Mountain that is praised by Su Shi in the Song Dynasty as “as beautiful and Yandang Mountain” and Jiuxian Mountain that has the largest number of wild azalea in North China. Rizhao is an ideal summer resort for holiday, recreation and health care and was listed as China’s TopTouristCity in 2003.


Convenient transportation with ports and land transportation network. Rizhao is the eastern bridgehead of the NewEurasianContinentalBridge, and the key nodal city of the Belt and Road Initiative. It enjoys the fame of “connecting to the world by port and connecting to Eurasia by the Bridge”. As a rare natural deep port, Rizhao port has 70 productive berths in operation and connects by sea route with more than 100 countries and regions around the world. RizhaoPort is connected with Rotterdam in the Netherlands and Antwerp in Belgium by Xinxiang-Heze-Yanzhou-Rizhao railway and Lanzhou-Lianyungang railway, and connected with Mongolia directly by Wari (Shanxi-Rizhao) railway. Qingdao-Rizhao-Lianyungang inter-city railway will be completed and connect to Ji’nan-Qingdao high-speed railway by the end of 2017; and Lu’nan (South Shandong) Railway will be completed and connect to Beijing-Shanghai high-speed railway by 2019; RizhaoAirport has flights to 18 major cities of China such as Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou.



Port-related industries with remarkable advantages. Rizhao is an ideal place to develop large scale port-related industry. It is a rising base for advanced manufacturing and coastal industry in Shandong Peninsular as well as Southern Shandong Economic Belt. A series of industrial platforms are under construction including one national industrial park, four provincial industrial parks, one comprehensive bonded zone, China-Australia industrial park, China-Korea industrial park and aviation industrial park. The annual capacities of leading port-related industry include 12 million tons of steel and ore, 750 thousand sets of vehicles, one million sets of automobile engine, one million sets of automatic transmission, 14.5 million tons of petrochemical products, 2.18 million tons of pulp and paper and 8.5 million tons of grain and oil products. The processing capacity for soybean ranks the 2nd  in China and that for purified sugar ranks the 1st  in the world. Rizhao Fine Iron and steel Base under construction will realize a production capacity of 8.1 million tons of iron, 8.5 million tons of steel and 7.9 million tons of steel products. It will play an active driving role in the development of port-related industries in Rizhao and even in the restructuring of steel industry in Shandong.



This year, stronger momentum of steady economic recovery is witnessed in Rizhao. In the first half of 2017, GDP in Rizhao grew by 9.8%, ranking the 1st in terms of growth rate in Shandong. From January to August, general public budget revenue, added value of industry above designated size and investment in fixed assets increased by 12%, 9.7% and 12.5% respectively, ranking the 2nd , the 4th and the 3rd in terms of growth rate in Shandong.The next five years is a critical period for Rizhao to catch up in its development. The whole city will fully follow the guidelines set by CPC Committee and Government of Shandong Province, adhere to principles of “objective-orientation, problem-orientation and orientation on cadre selection”, vigorously implement the five strategies of protecting eco-environment, developing industries and tourism, promoting opening up and introducing talents. All-out efforts will be made to make breakthroughs in industrial parks and attract new investment to build a new Rizhao that is beautiful and prosperous, ecologically livable and full of vitality.






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